22 October 2010

Surf Mats Make You Smile

Photo: Ken Samuels

I'm slowly getting the hang of riding a mat. I still can't cut back. As a matter of fact, I haven't really mastered turning. Nevertheless, I'm enjoying myself in ways I can't describe. There are some days when I just don't feel like standing up on a board, but I still want to get wet. That's when I get out on one of the mats. Yes, I have more than one. I may have a third before the year is up since 4th Gear Flyer in particular makes a variety of mats.

I can honestly say that riding prone, as I'm sure Adam will agree, allows you to see the wave from an entirely different perspective. I think every stand up surfer should at least ride a mat, bodyboard or handplane in addition to a surfboard. Being able to see and feel the wave as it's forming, and then being level with it (as opposed to standing over it) as it evolves, is truly magical. And you won't know this unless you try it.

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