29 March 2011

04 March 2011

Black surfers Influence on Black History

I spoke with a friend a last week who suggested that I go to Borders Bookstore and take a look at the book, "AFRICAN AMERICANS IN LOS ANGELES" by Karen L. Stanford, Ph.D. I was really surprised to see that the cover was a 1950's beach photo. It made me feel proud to see that we've always had a connection with the ocean and the beach. As I thumbed through the various pages for a little dose of Black History, I came to chapter 8, "A New Generation" and there on page 116 was a 2009 photo of the BSA sharing their message at Dedon's "Pan African Beach Days" event. It really let me know that the freedom that we have and the joy that we feel is really special and it is really significant to the entire Black cultural experience. We are truly the lucky ones...