18 December 2009

Black Folks at Venice Pier

out of shape

I took the 10'2 Black Fin today - I did not care that it was suppose to be 4-6 feet, I was going to P.B. and figure with the high tide the waves would be rolling.

Caught few on the outside but I after a 10 or so waves I was getting tried and lost my board on the last three six footers so I called a day, did not have the energy to swim.

I should have paddle out with a smaller board.

I am out shape, too much sutting aroud and eating resturant food.

23 November 2009

Bajan surfer: Andre Simmons

    Barbados Surf

Andre is a 25 year surfer from Barbados looking to get involved in black surfing. He  use to surf min twice a week for years and now he surfs when he can. He is a teacher, and  worked for a summer as a surf instructor in San Diego. Now he is in the 415 area code.

Email Andre: anostra2002@yahoo.com

19 November 2009

Buttons is a Brother!

Online surf magazine Liquid Salt recently did an interview with iconic Hawaiian surfer Buttons Kaluhiokalani. As a kid, I was always mystified by his 'fro. I didn't know Hawaiians had afros. I didn't think anyone other than black folks had afros. (I've since figured out that you find afros on people of every shape, size and color.)

Anyway, the interview answered the question I'd been wondering about for decades.

How is it you were able to pull off such rad­i­cal maneu­vers in your career?
I’ll tell you this: I am half-Black and half-Hawaiian. So I guess it was my genetics.

Aha!!! That explains it. Buttons is a brother!! Oh yeah, he's a bad %!@ surfer too!

11 November 2009

BSA Member: William Lamar

Will is also the owner of Planet Maple Boardshop located at 4657 W. Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA  90016 (323)930-2823.

BSA Member: Rick Blocker


18 October 2009

Chris Dennis: Trinidad & Tobago local

“Chris Dennis - Between Worlds” is a documentary film by James O’Connor that explores the world of competitive surfing through the eyes of Chris Dennis - an extremely talented surfer born and raised in the Carribean island of Trinidad & Tobago. The film is due for release in 2010 but behind the scenes progress and updates can be tracked at http://www.jtography.com and http://www.surfcaribe.com

27 September 2009

Down at Sano

A couple of Sun and Surf hungry members managed to make it down to Sano for a fun filled Saturday afternoon.

18 September 2009

Join Us For A Community Gathering At The Beach

Time: 11a-10p | Date: 9.20.09 |
Location: Dockweiler Beach (11401 Vista Del Mar, West Imperial Hwy by LAX)
Lifeguard Tower: 153

BSA will be giving Free Surf Lessons!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE!: Bring Your Own: Food, wood, for the fire pits, drinks, seats, blankets, music, drums, and other personal necessities

24 August 2009

This Is What It's All About

This letter is from Boun Prasert; one of the participants at the Paddle Out. This is what the BSA is all about. Enjoy :-)

First, I want thank the Black Surfing Association for inviting Heal The Bay to participate in the beautiful ceremony on our previous Sunday morning. To part-take was a personal blessing! I was deeply moved by the unity and the love that brought everyone together! Surfers and non-surfers alike all shared in the same oneness of love!

Even though I never met Mr. Monte Valentin, I feel like I could relate to his passion for surf and his love for our oceans! I grew up miles and miles away from the beach on 125st and Normandie! Since I couldn’t surf the oceans, I surfed the streets on skateboards with the few friends in my area that actually skateboarded! In fifth grade I got a bike and it was all over! Like Mr. Valentin, I road my bike west until I hit golden sands and blue-green oceans! It didn’t matter what beach I ended up at, all that mattered was that I was there! I imagine Mr. Valentin hear the same calls from the oceans that I did as a child, received a similar sense of excitement and fulfillment at the end of his bike rides!

Again, thanks to the BSA and the Valentin family for having Heal The Bay and myself participate Sunday! Surfers and non-surfers alike all came together to shared in the same oneness of LOVE! It was a beautiful experience! I will always carry it close to my heart! As a son, a brother, a surfer and ocean lover!


Boun Prasert

23 August 2009

Monte Valentin Memorial Paddle Out

BSA's love for both a fellow waterman and the ocean were in full effect this morning at Bay Street.

Today we celebrated the life of Monte Valentin, the body surfer who died at The Wedge during the last big south swell in July. His family members commented that the paddle out helped them to understand why Monte was drawn to the water. The BSA did itself proud today.

We didn't know you personally, brother, but you will be dearly missed.