24 February 2011

We Are Family

Sometimes, this fact is easy to forget. We're not all related by name, by bloodline or even by home break. Nevertheless, the BSA is a family of surfers. There are times when we don't act like it. Then again, this happens in real families as well. Most of the time, though, we are as one. We are a tight-knit group whose bond is strong enough to weather any storm.

As the BSA sits down to prepare to memorialize our brother on the sand and in the water, we must also bear in mind that the loved ones he left behind on land need our assistance. The family is in need of donations for DK's funeral. If you can help, this is the information you will need:

Chase Bank
Savings account number: 2984199154
Routing number: 322271627
Account name of Libby Davis (DK's wife)

Information about the funeral will be given as soon as the arrangements are made. Preparations for DK's paddle out are being finalized as we speak.

22 February 2011

The Ranch: Thank you David Keetin

Hey David,
I remember this day clearly. You kept asking me to venture out of my comfort zone and drive North with the guys to surf the Ranch. I had heard stories of how big it could get at the Ranch from Rick (and I was not havin' it).

Everyday you would ask and everyday I resisted. Frankly, I was a big chicken. But you kept pushing and encouraging me to give it try. You told me that I had the skills to handle the Ranch (I wasn't so sure about that). Anyway, you finally managed to get me to get over my fears and come with you to surf the Ranch.
Lucky for me the surf was crappy and closed out. You were disappointed but I was secretly relieved! I was also happy to have been given that push from you to venture out of my comfort zone. You always encouraged me to travel more. You always pushed me to explore more surf destinations (you planted that seed for surf travel).
Thank you David. I will miss your generosity and your stoke.

In Memory of David Keetin

This message is to our friend that passed on this weekend. His name is David Keetin....R.I.P.- DK. Thank you for your friendship and all that you have done for me and for the development of our organization. In my mind you stand amongst our all time BSA legends in your pursuit of furthering BSA world travel and international relations. You are truly an adventurer who took us with you. I will never forget you. peace