22 February 2011

In Memory of David Keetin

This message is to our friend that passed on this weekend. His name is David Keetin....R.I.P.- DK. Thank you for your friendship and all that you have done for me and for the development of our organization. In my mind you stand amongst our all time BSA legends in your pursuit of furthering BSA world travel and international relations. You are truly an adventurer who took us with you. I will never forget you. peace

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  1. Thank you David Keetin--from mother of Monte Valentin. Since I don't belong to Facebook, I searched the internet under BSA,for information about a "Paddleout" for David Keetin. I found a page "In memory of David Keetin": I want to thank you David for your diligence in searching for me and my family, to let us know about the memorial Paddleout that you all planned for Monte on 8/23/09. If you had not been so determined to find us, we would have missed the magnificent tribute the wonderful BSA prepared for my son on that day.It was so beautiful, words cannot describe it!You called and left messages, notes on my door,and you even left info with my neighbor.You even dropped off photos of the event on my doorstep afterwards!You were a wonderful person and you are a beautiful "soul." Luana Valentin