27 January 2010



Armani Green and Ronald Hastings, two of Jamaica’s junior surfers, are recipients of International Surfing Association Scholarships. The ISA announced the recipients of the 2010 ISA Individual Scholarship Program during the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship in New Zealand. 

The ISA Scholarship Program has consistently grown since it first started in 2007 due to the generous funding from Billabong, The Quiksilver Foundation and Reef Redemption, and the continued support from ISA member nations.  

For 2010 the ISA has issued 25 scholarships to Under 18 junior surfers from 20 different countries. The ISA received 77 applications from 29 countries for this year’s program.  

ISA President, Fernando Aguerre said about this year's Scholarship Program: “I believe the ISA Scholarship Program is a huge step forward for the ISA to contribute to bettering the lives of junior surfers around the world.  Together, we are supporting the dreams and hopes of good students who are also good surfers.”

After careful review by the Scholarship Selection Committee, the ISA announced the following surfers as ISA Surfing Ambassadors. The recipients are inspirational human beings, great surfers and avid students who want to succeed in surfing and school.

The 2010 ISA Scholarship Recipients are:
Ana Martina Gainza – Argentina, Armani Green – Jamaica, Belko Contreras – Chile, Benjamin de Castro – Angola, Carlos Cervantes – Mexico, Cesar Reyes – Ecuador, Colby Stanley – Spain, Donghoon Kim – South Korea, Hussain Rasheed – Maldives, Ian Ross Schweden – Trinidad and Tobago, Jarred Veldhuis – South Africa, Jean Carlos Gonzales – Panama, Jean Carlos Mendez - Costa Rica, Juninho Urcia – Peru, Mahorahora McLeod – New Zealand, Mamadou Mbengue – Senegal, Marissa Shaw – United States, Miluska Tello – Peru, Naomi Kabayashi – Japan, Nicolas Bulla – Venezuela, Papi Makanyane – South Africa, Roger Vuuanza – Angola, Ronald Hastings – Jamaica, Tassy Swallow – Great Britain, Tobias Ortells – Argentina,

“We are very proud of Armani’s and Ronald’s achievements over the past 5 years” said JSA President Billy Wilmot. “They have matured into responsible and conscientious young men and are role models for young Jamaicans everywhere. 14 year old Armani has represented Jamaica in international competition Ecuador last year and 12 year old Ronald is one of the most improved juniors. They are focused and have conducted themselves admirably on all occasions. I am sure this scholarship will go a far way towards their personal, academic and athletic development.”

As ISA Individual Scholarship recipients, Armani and Ronald will serve as ambassadors of the ISA and the sport of surfing and will be involved in the ISA’s world wide promotional campaign associated with the program. The ISA supports athletes who are interested in bettering their surfing and education, but most importantly being an example and inspiration to other human beings. 

Armani Green

Ronald Hastings

(Photos courtesy of Jamaica Surfing Association)

04 January 2010

Board Meeting of the Board

A few of the members of the BSA board got together today at El Porto for a session. While the conditions weren't epic, there was still enough out there for each member to get his or her fill of the waves before sitting down to breakfast to discuss BSA business.

President Rachal
Secretary Burton
VP Mills-Samuels