22 October 2010

Jam Master Jay Had Mad Flow!!

Original Surfing Photo: Ken Samuels

I made this picture awhile back when I just felt like playing around with Photoshop. Originally, I was in the picture. That's my red, black and green Black Power surfboard that JMJ is riding. I chose him to be in the shots because there was something about his pose that made me think it would work on a surfboard. And I was right!

(I would give photo credit to the photographer from whom I stole the image of Jay if I knew who it was. The RUN DMC photo where I found Jay is all over the internet . . . without giving credit where credit is due. Just know that if it's your photo, I know this and I appreciate you!)

Addendum: I think the JMJ shot is from a picture Glen E. Friedman did of RUN DMC. I'm not sure, but I looked at some of his shots and found one picture in which the entire group was wearing what JMJ has on in this picture. So I'm thinking this is a GEF shot. Thank you, Glen, for your work throughout the years, particularly your shots from the early days of hip hop. You're incredible!)

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