11 November 2010

I bought my 10' Bing: gold standard at the beach for $650 two summers ago . I've been its lucky owner for ever since. I generally ride my Bing in 2'-4' surf. Malibu; first point and Sano' is where I have the most fun with it.

My Bing is a heavy board. It glides super smooth; especially down the face of a (point break) wave. Its weight makes your drop-knee turns feel more substantial. The weight also allows you to drag out a more "soulful" bottom turn.

The board has a deep concave (that's past the balance point of the board). So the water traveling underneath really holds you up nicely on the nose. This makes the front third of the board feel unbelieveable stable; giving you the confidence to play around more (as far as footwork maneuvers is concerned).

I love this board. I look forward to learning more about what it can do.

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